• Build Robust Apple Search Ads Campaigns

    Build hundreds of ads, campaigns, and ad groups in minutes. Discover new keywords. Leverage automated workflows.
    • Create multiple campaigns, ad groups, and keywords in one flow and save templates for future use with the option to create in bulk
    • Generate keywords and negative keywords from search terms
    • Save templated creation flows to build subsequent campaigns even faster
    • Leverage the keyword discovery and suggestion tool to grow your accounts

  • Flexible Apple Search Ads Reporting

    Powerful campaign performance and cohort analysis.
    Report by storefront, age, gender, and location.

    • Segment and export performance by day
    • Cohort reporting with deep granularity down to the keyword level
    • Storefront reporting, age, gender and location (including by country)
    • Generate reports for keywords and search terms across multiple campaigns and ad groups in one report
    • Custom Metrics to measure the impact of Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP)

  • Apple Search Ads Management at Scale

    Seamlessly make changes across campaign and ad groups. Change keyword
    targeting across campaigns and ad groups.

    • Access intuitive account views on all levels including campaigns, ad groups, keywords, search terms, and creative sets
    • Copy, paste, and bulk upload lists of keywords and save as presets for later use
    • Leverage daily budget management
    • Employ a unified keyword management strategy across campaigns and ad groups
    • Seamlessly convert keywords and search terms into targeted or excluded keywords in your ad groups or campaigns in one simple flow
    • Oversee all of your keyword activity from a single, actionable interface within the Kenshoo Apps keyword grid
    • Automated bid and budget management

  • Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) Tracking

    Track and measure Lifetime Value of mobile app users.
    • Mobile measurement is available through the Kenshoo S2S Integration, Facebook SDK, and third-party partners
    • MMP integration includes all data and post install events in one place