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As of late 2018, what used to be Google’s share of product searches just three years ago is now Amazon’s — and vice versa. As much as 54% of product searches last year began on Amazon, compared to 46% that began on Google.

For a long time, people thought of paid digital advertising as Google and Facebook. Now, however, Amazon has asserted its dominance in the field as one of the top advertising platforms online.

For ecommerce companies especially, the question becomes now not whether they should have a presence on Amazon — but how can they win.

CMOs today are asking what impact Amazon will have on their marketing teams, their consumers, and their bottom lines. What will Amazon Advertising look like in the future, and how can we prepare our businesses for success?

In this exclusive CMO breakfast in London, we’ll discuss the next era of Amazon Advertising.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Where does Amazon fit in your overall digital advertising strategy and budget?
  • What level of data signals can you expect from Amazon as compared to other channels, and how can you justify spend without them?
  • Should you outsource your Amazon advertising to an agency, or keep it in-house?
  • Amazon is both a retail and advertising channel. How can you implement a holistic approach to Amazon, with both operations and marketing working together?
  • What action steps can you take back to your business tomorrow to improve your Amazon Advertising strategy?