The Only SaaS Solution for Measuring Your True Marketing Incrementality

Unlock smarter market planning, better budgeting, and stronger alignment to business objectives by measuring and monitoring the true business impact of your marketing programs. With Impact Navigator you can:

  • Run real marketing experiments
  • Accurately measure true incremental impact across all audience segments
  • Design and monitor testing for any media channel, on or off Kenshoo
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Experiments That Go Beyond the A/B

Marketers know that real customer insights beat guesses every time. A/B test, for example, have revolutionized our ability to optimize media in-channel by measuring actual customer responses.

But A/B tests don’t measure the effectiveness of a marketing channel itself or a campaign tactic’s influence as part of a consumer’s complex path-to-purchase.

Impact Navigator measures the real-world effectiveness, or incrementality, of a marketing tactic in the only place that matters: the real world, with real people, as part of a real marketing test measuring business responses that matter like revenue impact, client acquisition, and brand engagement. Leave the guesses and hunches to your competition, and speed ahead with your own growth strategy powered by real consumer insights.

, Impact Navigator Measures Video Incrementality for National D2C Brand
, Impact Navigator Measures Video Incrementality for National D2C Brand

Measurement That Actually Helps You Make Decisions

MTA is not getting any easier. Data deficits caused by consumer legislation, ad blocking and stronger browser cookie handling are reducing the tracking data marketers use to measure campaign effectiveness. What can you do to maintain accuracy in your operational decision making?

Impact Navigator measures your channels’ incremental impact, it’s effective lift alongside all of your other marketing tactics, and lets you correct and adjust the measurements from your existing MTA signals. Now you can get the best of both worlds: daily readouts from digital systems, adjusted by the real consumer experiments performed by Impact Navigator.

More Accurate Marketing Mix Plans

Market mix modeling is a common technique used to construct high-level market plans and budget allocations. But MMM systems can rely too heavily on backward-looking trends and not be as responsive to market conditions that change, like new competitors, new consumer preferences, and new media engagement.

Impact Navigator can keep your MMM planning accurate and relevant by providing a readout on your current consumer response to different marketing tactics. This helps you drive your market-mix with insights looking out the front windshield, instead of looking back in the rear-view mirror. In today’s highly competitive, highly-dynamic world of media, this is a better way to drive planning accuracy and success.

, Impact Navigator Measures Video Incrementality for National D2C Brand
, Impact Navigator Measures Video Incrementality for National D2C Brand

Statistical Modeling So Advanced, it’s Simple

Impact Navigator is designed to be easy to incorporate into your marketing stack. Impact Navigator creates thousands of possible marketing test plans from your data, and helps you discover the right time, right place, and right audiences using geographic holdouts. Execution of these marketing experiments is entirely under your control, with test launch, test duration, and geographic targeting parameters all modifiable with our flexible user interface.

When you decide to run an incrementality test, you get access to daily monitoring of your measured audience behaviors, and can even stop a test early if you are satisfied by the accuracy. Many clients also monitor correlations with secondary performance metrics during the test, discovering insights, for example, about Brand SEM and SEO cannibalization, market place bid positions, and second-screen activities driven through OTT.

Marketing Experiments: A Critical Capability for Marketers and Analysts

It’s a simple idea. Marketers who create hypotheses, and then test and measure these ideas, outperform their peers. With brands increasing their skill at executing campaigns across all touchpoints, just being available to your customers is not enough to differentiate your business. Opportunities come to those with more insights to test, with more discoveries to differentiate.

Impact Navigator is a powerful solution to add to your marketing and analytic stack that will scale your ability to experiment and innovate.

, Impact Navigator Measures Video Incrementality for National D2C Brand

Marketers Are Saying...

In the age of wall gardens and pixel leakages, it became impossible to have unified measurement with MTA. With incrementality, we now have a way forth to understanding the true value of our marketing efforts that can inform our budget allocation and media mix.

Yung Le
Director of Acquisition Marketing

“Over time it became increasingly clear that we needed deeper insights to justify the cost of supporting these new types of media…Impact Navigator’s effective approach to measuring incrementality was the solution we were looking for.”

National D2C Brand