Total market intelligence.
Totally intelligent app marketing.

App marketers know the install is only the beginning. Making your app not only stand out among millions but remain sticky comes down to a cross-publisher marketing strategy.

Reach your best mobile users and drive acquisition with the only complete mobile advertising platform. Kenshoo Apps is the all-in-one mobile advertising platform, designed for app marketers to reach their best customers, drive the install & continue user app engagement across all of the publishers that matter.

Solving Challenges for Mobile App Marketers

Scale Lifetime Value

Retain Your Best Users

Kenshoo Apps helps engage your customers well beyond the install and optimize in-app actions that grow user Lifetime Value (LTV).
  • Analyze monetization behavior
  • Understand funnel maturity over time
  • Optimize toward loyal customers & grow LTV
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Drive Engagement and ROI

Depth and Breadth in One Platform

Kenshoo’s mobile advertising platform grants access to expert scale, automation, reporting, and optimization tools engineered to increase app usage and generate ROI.
  • Run multi-publisher campaigns from one place
  • Robust campaign, creative management, and cross-publisher budget management>
  • Granular cohort analyses, reporting, and insights
  • Full funnel optimizations of ads and in-app user actions
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App Store Visibility

Boost Listings and Get Noticed

With Kenshoo’s mobile ad platform, you access all of the right levers for total app placement control in the app stores in Android and iOS.
  • Activate app store optimization to reach and acquire new, lasting customers
  • Delivers campaigns that reach your customers in discovery mode at scale and across all the publishers that matter
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Sophisticated Management of Apple Search Ads

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Kenshoo Apps Supports Powerful Facebook App Advertising

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The Kenshoo 5: Five New, Powerful Google App Campaign Features

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Kenshoo Named a Leading Marketing Technology Vendor for 7 Straight Years

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Key Takeaways from the Kenshoo Q3 2020 Quarterly Trends Report

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Kenshoo Supports Sponsored Product Ads on Ahead of the Holiday Season

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With Kenshoo Apps, Efficiently Manage Creative Sets for Apple Search Ads 

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Kenshoo Signal Enhancement Strengthens Microsoft Automated Bidding with Client-Side Data

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“There is no way we could have conducted this many tests and grown the app without Kenshoo Apps. We are always on the lookout for best-in-class solutions to help us run our Facebook app campaigns, but other tools don’t even come close to the sophistication of Kenshoo Apps.”

Elena Tsarkova, Senior User Acquisition Manager | Wooga

Kenshoo App’s bid optimization solution for Apple Search Ads enabled eToro to set Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) goals and automated their keyword bid decisions 24/7.
  • 8% Increase in Installs
  • 67% Increase in Deposits
  • 43% Lower Cost Per Acquisition
  • 11% Lower Cost Per Install
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